they are more than JUST property...

Our Mission

Our dogs are more than inanimate possesions, they are our companions...with strong emotional bonds...and our laws should recognize them as such.


Our purose and mission is to;


1) Propose legislation to change the current wording of our laws to reflect this reality.


2) Promote responsible dog ownership through the implementaion of high compensatory civil damages levied against the negligence of irresponsible dog owners for un-provoked dog on dog attacks.

Our Story

Our Story...


On November 1st, 2011, our precious Wilson (a little mini wire dachshund) while minding his own business in his own fenced yard at 165 Brentwood Way, in Stockbridge, GA, he was savagely attacked and killed by our neighbors two dogs (Lab & Lab mix). They gained access by breaking through the wood fence adjacent to his tiny safe enclosed yard. The necropsy concluded he was killed, mauled and mutilated by these vicious beasts. He had been out playing for no more than 10 minutes.
There is no way to express the tremendous grief our family is experiencing. There is no way to make sense of the senseless. We are devastated. As of the date of this publishing, the dogs are still living next door, running along the same fence they broke through just 48 hours ago, and no apologies have been forthcoming. 
Unfortunately, Georgia law only recognizes our family pets as personal property. Yet almost everyone, including those who do not have pets, would agree our pets are literally a member of the family, and engender far more emotional ties than a lampshade or credenza...a bond that survives even after they pass from this world. As the law stands now the owner of the offending dogs will, more than likely, go before a magistrate, receive a slap on the wrist, and move on with life as usual. Meanwhile, our lives have been turned upside down and inside out.
Wilson’s was a wrongful death, and the laws need to be changed to reflect this. Not just state by state or county by county, they need to be NATIONWIDE....If you know of any way, or know of anyone, to help us pursue justice in this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  In the very near future a fund will be set up for Wilsons Law..He will make a difference, Wilson will not have died in Vain....  we wish for him to help all other defenseless animals that our laws do NOT protect. is currently under construction, and will have full interactive capabilities very soon. Many thanks to all of those whow have already contributed to this effort. In the mean time you can stay up to date with our progress by becoming a friend of Wilsons Law on facebook.